Understanding The Homeowner's Timeline: A Guide for Targeted Pre-Mover Marketing

February 07, 2024

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Spending habits undergo a significant transformation when homeowners decide to move. Beyond searching for a new residence, a successful move entails a multitude of services to aid homeowners in finding a new home, securing financing, relocating belongings, and settling into their new abode. For businesses catering to homeowners, it's pivotal to initiate targeted marketing campaigns during the selling and moving process, as this period triggers numerous purchases. To effectively tap into this market, understanding the various stages of purchasing behavior within a homeowner's moving timeline is crucial.

Pre-movers represent a highly targeted segment actively planning to relocate. With a brief window to make substantial spending decisions—typically 45 to 90 days from listing to sale—it's imperative to engage pre-movers early in their planning process. Despite initial hesitations, approximately 70 to 90 percent of spending decisions are made during this period, making it an opportune time to introduce services.

The pre-listing stage finds homeowners focused on preparing their current property for sale rather than planning the logistics of relocation. As they transition to pre-movers at a new listing, decisions related to their move become more prevalent, including considerations of financing and budgeting for renovations or furnishings. Upon reaching pending status, homeowners have a clearer timeline for their move, presenting an ideal opportunity for aggressive remarketing efforts.

Several industries can capitalize on targeting pre-movers. Insurance providers can offer title and homeowners insurance, crucial steps before closing on a new home. Local mortgage lenders have a chance to connect with prospective buyers as they begin their home loan search. Home improvement providers can engage pre-movers planning renovations or furnishing purchases for their new residence. Additionally, a range of professional services—such as cleaning companies, storage facilities, waste removal, and utilities—can assist pre-movers during their transition.

Among these, moving companies hold a significant opportunity by directly targeting pre-movers. With a sizable portion of movers relying on professional services, early engagement can help companies stay ahead of the competition and nurture leads from the outset.

Understanding the nuances of the homeowner's moving timeline enables businesses to tailor their marketing efforts effectively. By targeting pre-movers across various stages of their relocation journey, businesses can position themselves as valuable partners in facilitating a seamless transition.


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