Sales & Marketing

  • 1. Customer Acquisition

    Use our data to target your best potential customers

  • 2. Customer Retention & Loyalty

    Turn a one‑time customer into a repeat customer

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Our Leads & Services will Answer these FAQs

Identify Leads & Acquire New Customers

  • icon Who are the best potential consumers that I should be targeting?
  • icon Is buying and selling a home a major event that triggers a consumer to spend more?
  • icon Is a move an indicator for my industry‚Äôs services?
  • icon How do I identify a homeowner that is about to move?
  • icon What is the best timing for marketing for homeowners planning a move? Pre‑move, pre‑close, post‑move (new mover)?
  • icon Can I improve responses by timing my marketing to reach homeowners prior to their move?
Retain Current Customers

  • icon Which of my current customers need to be targeted right now to retain their business?
  • icon Are my current customers planning a move and will they need my services?
  • icon How do I retain the business of current or past customers when they are moving?
Planning Campaigns

  • icon Can I use pre‑mover data to build an audience for my digital marketing campaigns?
  • icon Would direct mail enhance my marketing?
  • icon How do I engage consumers that are ready to move?
  • icon How do I increase response rates? Track/Measure response rates?

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